Thursday, August 30, 2012


I did it!!! This is the last Lazy Days of Summer challenge, BBQ fun!!!! Im so glad that I got these all done in time. Even thou it did mean painting my nails a ton yesturday. Definatly not going to fall behind like this again hehe.

So for BBQ fun I had a really hard time deciding on something that would be cute and girly still. So I goggles "Summer BBQ" and seen pictres of picnic tables and people together so I decided to do a Picnic Basket, as you can always use one to bring goodies to the BBQ ;) Im definatly going outside of the box for this one.

So you all know a "Braid" manicure, well I decided to do a "Basket Weave" manicure. Which is alot harder then what I thought it would be to keep straight lines. And since I dont like browns I used pink and purple for it hehe.

So I started out with painting my nails with 2 coats of Depend 305. I then did stripes going down my nails with Depend 316, and then did lines across my naisl with Depend 305 agin to cover up parts of 316.

I know its not the greatest mani, I think if the lines were better it would have been perfect. But im happy with my first attmept at this.

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