Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Frankening Fun!!!!

Good evening dolls, as Ive said in past posts tonight, is that I have been playing with my new base and glitters. So I thought id do a post showing you my 3 that I made tonight and show you my manicure using one of them.
I have so many ideas for polishes now that I had to order more glitter in order to create them.  So defiantly stay tuned for more franking fun.
The first one I made was a clear base with different sizes, colors and shapes of glitter. I thought it was very unicorn, and rainbow like that I decided to name it Whimsy.
Whimsy, 1 coat alone, 1 coat over black, 1 coat over white, 1 coat over CG Dance Baby.
The second one I made was a white base with different size adn shapes of blue and green glitter. I was trying to capture the colors of the water but suspended in a milky white.
Sea Breeze, 2 coats alone.
The last polish I made is Pink Power *the hubby named this one* which is a pink base with yellow, purple, and white glitter, in different sizes and shapes. For this polish I was just combining different colors that I love together in my favorite color, pink :)
Pink Power, 3 coats alone, 1 coat over white, 1 coat over Orly Beach Cruiser, 1 coat over black
Whimsy is by far my favorite out of the 3 I made and so I decided to wear that one first. For this manicure I started with 2 coats of Orly Liquid Vinyl and 3 coats of Billie French White. I then did 1 coat of Whimsy on each finger.
I definatly love this manicure. I'm not sure if I prefer it over white or black thou.  I also used PVA glue as the base for this so Ill let you know how the removal goes.
Well doll its bed time for me after all the posting today. Hope you all have a great night <3