Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Halloween Frankens :)

As promised yesterday, today I have a post on the Halloween polishes that I made yesterday. Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the cool make-up, extreme lashes, and awesome costumes. And i also love the colors and the creative polishes that come out around then. So of course I had to make some of my own polishes for me to wear next month :).
I want to make 6 all together but for now I have 4.
Oger Brains, Hallows Eve, Witches Brew, and Sweets N Treats.

Oger Brains is a clear base polish with a ton of different shapes, sizes and tones of green glitter. I really wanted an all green glitter, as its defiantly a representation of Halloween but also can be worn any time of the year.
For the swatches its 2 coats alone, 1 coat over black, and 1 coat over China Glaze Paper Chasing.
Hallows Eve is a black jelly base with different sized Orange glitter with a few black glitter. This one is supposed to be kind of erie. I wanted a true Halloween polish and figured black and orange were the way to go.
For the swatches its 1 coat, 2 coats, and 3 coats. Then 1 coat over black.
Witches Brew is a clear base polish with different orange, purple, and black glitter. I absolutly love orange and purple together so this is the one I was most excited for.
Its inspired by which leggings he he.
For the swatches its 2 coats alone, 1 coat over white and 1 coat over black.
And lastly is Sweets N Treats, which is a clear base with orange, yellow and white glitter, in different shapes and sizes. I was trying to go towards the candy that you get around Halloween, mostly candy corn which you dont really see the rest of the year.
For the swatches its 1 coat alone and 1 coat over black.

I defiantly love this collection so far. I think I have a good assortment going on and cant wait to wear some of these out. Definitely will be wearing Witches Brew first as I cant even stress enough how much I love it. Its so much fun creating your own polishes, my glitter stash is slowly growing :)


  1. Love the candy corn polish! Haven't seen something like that in a Halloween collection yet.

  2. Love Witches Brew, even though I'm totally boycotting Halloween polishes haha great looking color combo, nice job :)

    1. thanks doll, i actually put witches brew on last night :)

  3. Wow, these are great, my fave is Oger Brains x