Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Catrice Dirty Berry

Good morning dolls!!!!
I know this is a really early post, and its because tonight when I get home ill be nerding it up so my nails will not take priority for once. This morning the new World of Warcraft expansion was released so of course I bought it and cant wait to be a Panda!!!!!!! So just a quick apology for the lack of posting that there will be in the next few days. I really need to learn to do scheduled posts. Maybe ill try to for my vacation in a few weeks. But onto the nails!!!
Ive decided that I need to start working through my stash and using my untried. So today I have Catrice Dirty Berry for you. This is a dusty purple holo. It applied like a dream and only took 2 coats. The holo in it is stunning even in doors. Its definatly a perfect fall color, and im so happy to have this in my collection.
Look at that beauty!!!!!! Definitely glad I choose this color and it will be on till at least tomorrow hehe. Hope you all have a great day and Ill try and pull myself away from WoW to get back to you guys asap <3

1 comment:

  1. you made me want to wear it! it's still in my untrieds