Friday, September 28, 2012

Julep Sandra

Hey dolls!!!!
Hope you all had a great week!!! Mine was pretty good, caught up with an old co worker, starting playing WoW again, hung with my bestie, seen the niece and nephews today, and got a job promotion!!!! Ill have my own store as of November and I cant wait!!!! So needless to say this week has been busy. I did however paint my nails a few times this week. Once was China Glaze Dorthy Who and the other was Julep Sandra, as im trying to use my untried's :)
I was very pleasantly surprised with Julep Sandra, Its an awesome almost neon/metallic pink. I cant figure out why I haven't tried this before. It only took 2 coats and applied really well.
Isn't it gorgeous??? I kept looking at my nails even thou they were just a solid color. definitely gonna be getting some use out of this next summer.
Tomorrow ill show you all Dorthy Who, but for tonight its now bed times for me. Hope you all have a great weekend <3

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  1. Have you seen Revlon Strawberry Electric? Does it look similar to this?