Thursday, November 8, 2012

My first Emily de Molly polishes!!!

Good afternoon dolls!!!!
Figured id get a post in for you guys before bed!! I have so many posts to show you, as Ive been panting my nails every day adn some how Ive fallen behind. But maybe this weekend ill try and do a few posts for you.
For today's post however I have another birthday nail mail to show you and some polishes that I got from it!!! I got an amazing gift from Nicole in my birthday group that other day that included my first Emily de Molly polishes. Shes an aussie based indie maker and her polishes are even better in real life!!
She got me When Planets Collide, Muted Madness and Ego Friendly. Of course I couldn't pick just one to try first so I did When Planets Collide on my left hand and Muted Madness on my right. I used 3 coats for both polishes :)
First ill show you When Planets Collide.
And then Muted Madness
There both so unique and stunning. So happy to finally have these in my possession. I must say I think I have the best birthday group, every package Ive got so far has been amazing!!! I love all my girls <3
But I hope you all have a great night and ill hopefully post something new tomorrow!!!!


  1. When Planets Collide is so pretty! I'm so jealous! Happy late Birthday!

  2. <3 you Ashley! And I'm glad you love them!