Saturday, November 17, 2012

Party Nails!!!!

Hey dolls!!!!
Thought id do a quick post and show you guys what I did today for my 25th birthday party tonight. I decided to do a pink theme since I loveeee pink. And since I love to bake of course I made my own cupcakes!!! I decided to do a dark chocolate cupcake with fresh raspberry icing!!! I even took fresh raspberries and simmered them down!! They are delicious!!!
I then decided to make some yummy Jell-o shooters!!! Since my favorite flavor is Fuzzy Navel (orange jell-o and peach schnapps) I used my pink Jell-o shooter cups to put them in.
And last but definatly not least the pink nails!!! I wanted pink but with a twist so I painted my nails with 4 coats of Billie Electric Pink, then used 2 coats of Julep Katie in different angels, and on Julep Kate I used a Black Stripe Rite to make Zebra print. I must say I really love the way these turned out!!
And that's the start of my party tonight!!! Now to go find something to wear to fit with my theme!! I hope you all have a great weekend <3