Friday, November 16, 2012

2 new China Glaze polishes!!!

Hey dolls!!!
Woo im on a roll, day 3 of posts thanks to scheduling!!! This week I recieved some more awesome nail mail from my birthday group and it was full of glitter!!1 I love a good glitter polish and this girl knocked it out of the park!!!
Look at all those goodies!!! and the awesome socks, in case you dont know I love adorable socks!!!
I also did some polish shopping today at work as the new China Glaze Worlds Away collection came in today!!! I ended up buying It's A Trap-eze, Water You Waiting For, and Creative Fantasy.
I of course had to try the two glitter right away since they are sooo awesome looking!! On my one had I used 3 coats of Its A Trap-eze and on my other I did 2 coats of Water You Waiting For.
I must say I love both of these polishes equally. They both applied really well and look amazing on!!!! The rest of the collection is also stunning, it was so hard to only buy three. Its so not a traditional colors you'd see this time of the year!!!!

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