Wednesday, February 29, 2012

PCFC : Unicorn Magic

So for the Purple crumpet fairy challenge today we had to do a "Unicorn Magic"mani. I googled unicorn nails and came across a really cool youtube video and i absolutly loved the mani so I had to give it a try. She used acrylic paints where I used polish. Ive never done anything like this and im soooo impressed with it if I do say so myself, so I hope you all like it :)

Okay so well start with what I used to do the mani.

All of them are China Glaze: White on white, Aquadelic, Gothic lolita, Sun worshiper, Dance baby, Sunshine pop and In the lime light. There were all used as the base. I started with 2 coats of white to help the stripes pop :)

Color club glitter hologram, Stripe rite white, Stripe rite teal, Stripe rite black, and Cult nails toxic seaweed. These were all used for the stairs and the unicorn.

Now to see the many as I did it in stages.

Started out with all the pretty stripes :)

Added on the unicorn and the white stars.

Then outlines the stars in black and added glitter to them.

Now my right hand didnt turn out nearly as good as my left hand. This whole mani took me 3.5 hours to do, and i think for never doing anything like this before that its pretty adorable :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Had a nail morning

So since its my day off today I decided to do my finger and toe nails today. You know days off are always great for that, you got all the time you need to choose the colors and let it dry.

So for my toes I used 3 coats of Disney Villians # 53 to get it nice and opaque and then I did one coat of my SF 35 topcoat.

And here a close up of the one toe, dont mind the bit on the skin :)

I absolutly loveee the way this turned out, you can see the sparkle soooo well.

Now I joined the Purple Crumpet fairy challenge this week

This is my first week doing it. We are on the "Favorite spring lilac or peach". Since i couldnt choose I did peach on the left hand and lilac on the right.

So for the left hand I used CG Peachy Keen and on the ring and thumb I did a coat of SF 35 topcat.

This is with bounced light

This is in direct light

And this is with a flash.

I think almost any color looks better with sparkle!!! Only downfall of this mani is I find peachy keen goes on really think and if your not careful can be streaky :(

So now for the right hand. I did Finger Paints Aren't You Glad-iolous?., and again i did the SF 35 topcoat on the thumb and ring finger.

This is with bounced light

This is in direct light

And this is with a flash

This color is a dream to apply, to even coats and its perfect, and its also like that perfect lilac color. Which again looks stunning with sparkle :)

Anywho I may when I have spare time go back and complete the few crumpet challenges ive missed :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Disney Villians

So i decided to try out the new disney villians and saw the other day on a blog called Nailside, a cloud tutorial, so I dedided to give it a try.

First lets start off with what Disney villian # 49 looks like alone :)

Isnt this color goegeous? Downfall is that this took 3 coats to get even remotly opaque, if i wasnt probably going to be doing my nails again tomorrow, I would of did a 4th coat.

Now to show you my lovley clouds. They are far from being perfect as its my first attempt but i dont think i did too bad.

This is with a flash

And without a flash.

Now i think it would ahve looked better if the middle color had a better contrast from the base but really wanted to use the other disney villians. The middle is # 42 and the tip is # 53

Overall im please with the way it turned out adn hope i get better at this with practice as i think its an adorable idea and quick to do :)

Todays haul and lovley nail mail!!!

So today at work the China Glaze Hunger Games collection came in and of course i had to get some. How do you resist right? Well here are the ones that i decided apon today :)

 CG Riveting, CG For Audrey, CG Luxe & Lush, and CG Dress Me Up

CG Stone Cold, CG Smoke and Ashes, CG Agro, Savy Deep Amethyst

Ahhh arent those all soooo pretty. Definatley love the hunger games colors, may end up getting the rest another day, well see how these go first :)

Now also when I got home i was greated with my lovley nail mail from a fellow PAA member, Gwen. I absolutly love these, they are soooo sticking adorable!!!

#49, # 42, #53, and # 32 was a lovley gift from her!!

Now its time to decide which one to use first. :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Billie Purple

So many of you guys may never have heard of Billie polish. Its sold at the Dollar tree in Canada for $1.25. Apparently from what ive read its good for stamping (ill try this out at some point) but most importantly is the 3 colors i own all go on in 2 coats! So here is one of the ones, which i absolutly love!!

Now isnt that amazing for the cost??? I definatly plan to go back and get more, they have a ton of different colors :)

Polka Dots

So this is my very first blog ive ever done so please bare with me :) im hoping to start doing this a few times a week and participate in a few of the different challanges out there. Currently i do the PAA (Polish Aholics Anonymous) weekly desgin.

This manicure i did this week to use some polishes i havnt used in a while i absolutly loved so decided to use it as the first post :)

The base color is Orly Faint of heart from there new cool romance collection.
For the polka dots i used a dotting tool and the following colors:
- China Glaze China Rouge
- China Glaze Sun Worshiper
- China Glaze Lemon fizz
- Orly Fresh
- Finger Paints Blue raspberry taffy
- Finger Paints Grape gumball
- Orly Fancy fushia
- China Glaze White on white

I love the way this turned out adn plan to try simmilar ones but with different colors in the future :)

Water marble!

So this mondays challenge for PAA is water marble. Im fairly new to water marble, i find its sooo hard to get every nail to look nice. I only ended up doing the one hand due to this :)

I started off with two coats of CG white on white.
Then i added the following:
- CG Pool party
- CG Sun worshiper
- CG Yellow polka dot bikini
- CG Kiwi Cool-ada
- CG Towerl boy toy
I topped all this off with one coat of my SF 35 topcoat.

I find the color combo looks alot like old school tye dye!!!