Monday, February 27, 2012

Disney Villians

So i decided to try out the new disney villians and saw the other day on a blog called Nailside, a cloud tutorial, so I dedided to give it a try.

First lets start off with what Disney villian # 49 looks like alone :)

Isnt this color goegeous? Downfall is that this took 3 coats to get even remotly opaque, if i wasnt probably going to be doing my nails again tomorrow, I would of did a 4th coat.

Now to show you my lovley clouds. They are far from being perfect as its my first attempt but i dont think i did too bad.

This is with a flash

And without a flash.

Now i think it would ahve looked better if the middle color had a better contrast from the base but really wanted to use the other disney villians. The middle is # 42 and the tip is # 53

Overall im please with the way it turned out adn hope i get better at this with practice as i think its an adorable idea and quick to do :)

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