Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Had a nail morning

So since its my day off today I decided to do my finger and toe nails today. You know days off are always great for that, you got all the time you need to choose the colors and let it dry.

So for my toes I used 3 coats of Disney Villians # 53 to get it nice and opaque and then I did one coat of my SF 35 topcoat.

And here a close up of the one toe, dont mind the bit on the skin :)

I absolutly loveee the way this turned out, you can see the sparkle soooo well.

Now I joined the Purple Crumpet fairy challenge this week

This is my first week doing it. We are on the "Favorite spring lilac or peach". Since i couldnt choose I did peach on the left hand and lilac on the right.

So for the left hand I used CG Peachy Keen and on the ring and thumb I did a coat of SF 35 topcat.

This is with bounced light

This is in direct light

And this is with a flash.

I think almost any color looks better with sparkle!!! Only downfall of this mani is I find peachy keen goes on really think and if your not careful can be streaky :(

So now for the right hand. I did Finger Paints Aren't You Glad-iolous?., and again i did the SF 35 topcoat on the thumb and ring finger.

This is with bounced light

This is in direct light

And this is with a flash

This color is a dream to apply, to even coats and its perfect, and its also like that perfect lilac color. Which again looks stunning with sparkle :)

Anywho I may when I have spare time go back and complete the few crumpet challenges ive missed :)

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