Monday, February 27, 2012

Todays haul and lovley nail mail!!!

So today at work the China Glaze Hunger Games collection came in and of course i had to get some. How do you resist right? Well here are the ones that i decided apon today :)

 CG Riveting, CG For Audrey, CG Luxe & Lush, and CG Dress Me Up

CG Stone Cold, CG Smoke and Ashes, CG Agro, Savy Deep Amethyst

Ahhh arent those all soooo pretty. Definatley love the hunger games colors, may end up getting the rest another day, well see how these go first :)

Now also when I got home i was greated with my lovley nail mail from a fellow PAA member, Gwen. I absolutly love these, they are soooo sticking adorable!!!

#49, # 42, #53, and # 32 was a lovley gift from her!!

Now its time to decide which one to use first. :)

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