Tuesday, October 9, 2012

OPI So So Skullicious Minis

Hello lovelies!!!
Today is the first of 3 scheduled OPI mini posts!!!! So the reason there's 3 is that the other day I went to my local Cosmo Prof and outta the blue they had 2 old mini sets there and the new Halloween one. So of course I picked up all the and they only cost $18!!!!
So today I have for you guys the So So Skullicious set. This is there 2012 Halloween collection.

 I actually really like this collection, there all creams and nice and bring besides the black.
from left to right:
Candlelight - A bright yellow cream, took 3 coats
Morning Glory - A shiny black cream, took 2 coats
A-rose from the Dead - A bright pink cream, took 2 coats
Hi, Pumpkin - A bright orange cream, took 3 coats
I was very impressed with there black, wasn't even streaky which is nice. And that pink is to die for. So wish that came in a larger bottle as id be all over that.
Overall im really pleased with this collection, they have some good colors and great formulas and of course the cute mini bottles are a plus. Also you get 10 little nail decals with it that look like skulls which are also a plus.
Look forward to the Pirates of the Caribbean minis tomorrow!!!!

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